Brown trout (Salmo trutta), the beautiful one

We usually go to the far mountains of Lapland, back of beyond.

Normally the season is from mid June-august. Depending on target (river, and size of fish) the top season might vary somewhat within this range.

We only go for flyfishing. We preferably go for imitating what’s on the trout’s menu of the day. Daytime we might spend stalking shy trout in crystal clear waters. But that’s more a way of learning the waters. After dinner we shift to heavier rods, with imitations of whitefish or mouse at the end of the line! If you never have experiences stripping a dry imitation of a mouse over the ”neck” of the current, we can insure you that the adrenaline level at strike of a big brown trout is tremendous! A fine day we catch some 10-15 with at top of 2 kg, average weight 0,5-1,5 kg. A good day we catch more than 20 of them with a top of 3 kg! These waters regularly deliver brown trout > 5kg.

We normally fish from land. Depending on water of choice, we might use smaller boats to get to the right place (it’s always better on the other side…)

We usually stay in tentipi tents during fishing at some destination we can offer cottage or hotel. Before and after the trip to back of beyond we offer cottage, hotel or hostels at the end of the road. And of cause, after the expedition, a sauna by the river.