Pike (Esox lucius), the mean one

We usually stay in our homewaters in southern Norrland. This mean that it’s no more than ca. 1,5 h drive from Stockholm or Arlanda.

You can actually go out any day of the year. Normally the most productive season is from april-october. By numbers, the best season is april-maj or september. However, summer fishing a windy day might be extraordinary productive for coastal pike! And not to forget, late autumn and winter often gives the big ones.

We normally go out for spin or bait fishing. Still, flyfishing is some of a favourit. The andrenalin raised from a surface strike on a fly is really something! A fine day we catch some 10-15 with at top of 4-6 kg, average weight 2-3 kg. A good day we catch more than 25 of them with a top of 6-10kg! These waters regularly delivers pike >10kg throughout the season.

We normally fish from a 5m open boat with the latest technology to localize the fishing grounds (Humminbird side scannar). A larger boat can be uses for larger companies. Smaller boats are also available.

We can offer cottages , hotels or hostels by the lake or sea.