ZANDER (Sander lucioperca), the mysterious one

We usually stay in our homewaters in southern Norrland. This mean that its no moore than ca. 1,5 h drive from Stockholm or Arlanda.

You can actually go out any day of the year. Normally the most productive season is from maj-september. By numbers, the best season is maj-june, however, early spring, autumn and winter might give the big ones.

We preferably go out for vertical jigging or bait fishing. The direct contact of a strike on a vertically fished bait on a fireball or jigg is realy something! Summertime, trolling might be a good way to localise the fish. A fine day we catch some 10-20 pikeperch with at top of 3-4 kg, average weight 1,5-2 kg. A good day we catch more than 30 of them! These waters regularly deliver many zander of 5-10 kg throughout the season.

We normally fish from a 5m open boat with the latest technology to localize the fishing grounds (Humminbird side imaging). A larger boat can be uses for larger companies. Smaller boats are also available.
We can offer cottages, hotell or hostel by the lake.