Welcome to Outbackfishing!


Sorry, we do not have any possibilities to arrange fishing trips 2017, we are totally loaded with regularly work throughout 2017.

"The outback can be also referred to as back of beyond"

What we referee to, is that we take you to the waters beyond, and we will offer you a fishing and nature experience “back of beyond”.
The waters can still be close, what we seek is waters where meeting another fisherman are an exceptional event.

This is certainly the case when going for pike in the neighborhood or brown trout in in the Swedish Lapland. However, seeking the pikeperch is restricted to relatively few productive waters, so you might see another boat. On the other hand, you might accept this, knowing that those lakes deliver huge fish…

You are welcome to some of Sweden’s best zander lakes, secret pike waters, or an exclusive tour to the magnificent Swedish Lapland, searching for the large brown trout.

Previous Guests

No doubt that Storsjön is the best lake for zander fishing I have ever been to! Fishing has been fantastic with solid stock of big zander. And that is because you have done great job with fisheries management there. Keep up the good work, Lars!” (Ari Westermark, Finland, June 2013)